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Top Staffing Trends You Need to Be Aware Of

This infographic explores the four top trends affecting the staffing industry and how best to capitalize on them.

New technological advances are popping up all the time and employees are constantly on the lookout for job flexibility and career mobility. To keep ahead of these challenges, it’s imperative to gain a better understanding of the top four trends impacting the industry.

Top Staffing Trends You Need to Be Aware Of Infographic
  • Skilled workforce shortage
    There are now more open jobs each month than the number of individuals looking for work — an industry first.
  • The gig economy
    A significant portion of the workforce no longer feels the need to be tied down to the standard 9 to 5 office job, thanks to technology and a strong economy.
  • Compliance
    New and evolving federal and state employment laws and regulations are growing more complex and the risk of violations and lawsuits continues to increase.
  • Automation and AI
    The most successful staffing firms are becoming highly automated, using a wide range of technologies while leveraging automation to offer differentiated services, faster operations, and lower costs.

Download this infographic today to learn more about the top staffing trends and how this information can help your organization become stronger and more agile.