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SoftwareReviews HCM Enterprise Data Quadrant Report Infographics

Renowned market analyst SoftwareReviews has ranked UKG #1 in their HCM Enterprise Data Quadrant report — explore why in this trio of infographics.

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See how vendors stack up as SoftwareReviews explores the landscape of human capital management

SoftwareReviews, a leading source of insight on HCM software, has just released its Enterprise Data Quadrant Report, analyzing some of the industry’s top vendors. Discover how UKG compared to competitors in these three quick infographics.

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UKG outperformed competitors when customers were asked about their experience working with their vendor.

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Other solutions trailed UKG when it came to reliability, enabling productivity, and unique features.

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UKG ranks highly for data protection and security standards when weighed against other leading vendors.

These three infographics provide useful insights about how UKG solutions stack up against their competitors in key areas that may prove useful in a search for the right fit at your organization.