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IT Leaders — The Key to Digital Transformation Infographic

Why the role of IT is more crucial than ever

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IT Leaders — The Key to Digital Transformation Infographic

In order for an organization to grow and differentiate in today’s ever changing business climate, digital transformation is now table-stakes. Organizations that make the most of their digital transformation initiatives will have a sustainable competitive advantage while the ones who do not will be left behind.

Considering 83% of leaders struggle to make meaningful progress on digital transformation initiatives, there is a massive opportunity for businesses to get ahead of the curve with a well-planned digital transformation approach.

How can you ensure a successful digital transformation?

Learn why many successful businesses are leaning on their IT leaders as strategic collaborators and innovation officers to drive their digital transformation to the next level in our infographic IT Leaders — The Key to Digital Transformation.

In addition, gain insights into:

  • The increasing role of the IT leader
  • Business leaders changing view of their IT department
  • Why IT leaders have turned to UKG’s modern, cloud-based solutions to optimize their digitization approach

Download this infographic to learn why your IT department is more important than ever to your organization’s transformation.