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UKG for Special Districts

Simplify and automate time and scheduling.

UKG for Special Districts: Easier Time & Schedules

UKG for Special Districts can transform public sector business. Learn how it streamlines workflows, simplifies bidding and scheduling, automates attendance and leave policies, and provides employee self-service tools that save time and enhance employee engagement.

Discover how UKG for Special Districts can help public sector entities improve workforce management processes, better manage labor costs, minimize compliance risks, and increase transparency.

With UKG for Special Districts, organizations can:

  • Improve labor costing and auditability as well as visibility into timecard information
  • Efficiently schedule the right people to demand and automate shift swaps and bidding
  • Improve compliance with regulations through automated updates that make compliance easier

Download this informative piece to learn more about how UKG for Special Districts delivers a wide range of benefits to public sector organizations.