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Moving to a Modern UKG for Higher Education Platform

Leverage enhanced functionality with a modern cloud product.

Moving to a Modern UKG for Higher Education Platform

Using a modern cloud platform has big benefits. Learn how moving from the UKG Workforce Central™ solution to a UKG for Higher Education solution in the cloud delivers enhanced functionality and integrations to increase staff engagement and productivity.

UKG Workforce Central users know the solution accurately tracks time worked, accruals, and time-off requests — as well as improving workflows. But a modern cloud platform delivers so much more.

The advantages of working in the modern cloud include:

  • Enabling employees to work from anywhere on any device
  • Use of newer technologies such as geofencing for on-site only mobile clock-ins
  • Tracking time to multiple grants and cost centers and an employee's multiple on-campus jobs
  • Built-in machine learning and artificial intelligence for data-driven decisions
  • Seamless API integration with key solutions, including scores of pre-built API integrations
  • Automated software updates and no on-premise hardware to manage

Download this informative piece to learn more reasons why you should move to a modern UKG for Higher Education platform in the cloud.