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Navigating Uncertainty: Modern Solutions to Help HR Lead Throughout a Crisis

Discover how UKG Pro HCM helps HR leaders focus on the safety and well-being of employees.

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Navigating Uncertainty: Modern Solutions to Help HR Lead Throughout a Crisis

Employees face many challenges when working during a crisis. See how UKG Pro™, the industry-leading HCM platform, gives HR the tools it needs to support employee well-being, from promoting transparency and connectedness to displaying empathy and fostering resilience.

Times of uncertainty, including the current global health crisis, can make employees feel anxious and isolated. In putting their people first during such times, organizations need to understand their employees’ challenges and support their needs.

UKG Pro delivers a range of HCM technology solutions that help HR staff more easily manage these issues and assist employees during a crisis. They enable HR to:

  • Support transparency: Deliver timely communications with the latest updates and access to helpful resources
  • Create connectedness: Build up teams virtually, develop employee skills with online learning opportunities, and learn from a community of solution users and experts
  • Exhibit empathy and flexibility: Gauge employee feelings with engaging surveys and provide flexible pay options
  • Demonstrate resilience: Identify and support essential workers, simplify complex pay rules to ensure employees are paid correctly, and leverage digitization to better manage expanding HR tasks

Download this informative piece to learn more about how UKG Pro solutions deliver tools that HR leaders can leverage to efficiently and effectively support employees’ safety and well-being during challenging times.