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How to Establish a Data-Driven HR Service Delivery Team

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How to Establish a Data-Driven HR Service Delivery Team

HR service delivery can provide metrics and valuable insights to take your team from good to great.

For informed decisions, HR needs analytics that show just what the workforce needs. UKG HR Service Delivery™ provides data to analyze HR performance, effectiveness, bottlenecks, and improvement areas to enhance HR’s impact on the employee experience. 


Use analytics to show and track open, closed, and overdue employee requests for help to uncover issues, areas for improvement, and potential compliance risks.

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Track time taken to open and close employee request tickets to measure HR productivity and gauge employee satisfaction.

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See the number of employee views of help articles and whether employees continue to request help.

Read the eBook to find out how HR data can help you answer questions such as: 

  • Which topics are my people most concerned about? 

  • Do I need to hire more staff to support the size of our workforce? 

  • Are processes causing delays in getting people what they need? 

With extensive HR service delivery data easily available, HR teams can make knowledgeable decisions about how to best assist employees, determine employees’ level of satisfaction, and measure HR’s effectiveness in meeting employees’ needs.  

Download the eBook to learn how to use analytics to better understand and support your people, improving HR’s impact on the overall employee experience.