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The Complete Playbook for HR Technology During Times of Crisis

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The Complete Playbook for HR Technology During Times of Crisis

An HCM solution provides deliberate, strategic, and sustainable ways to manage through a crisis.

This guide discusses how you can use your human capital management (HCM) solution to keep frontline employees safe, help remote employees stay connected and productive, and support your business processes and the entire HR team. 

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Optimize safe schedules and shift cohorts; use mobile shift-fill, time tracking, and communication tools; assess wellbeing.

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Communicate often; be transparent; recognize employee success; provide development opportunities; create a flexible workday.

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Track shifting regulations and compliance standards; improve processes; create policies that support employee wellbeing.

Read the eBook to discover how people management technology can help you: 

  • Improve workplace safety with options that minimize the physical risk during the course of employee shifts 

  • Integrate a plan for alternative time tracking, health, and safety options for employees 

  • Leverage workforce technology to increase productivity and engagement while also supporting the well-being of your people 

A comprehensive HCM solution can help you streamline business continuity processes and automate manual administrative tasks so you can respond quickly and strategically to the wide-ranging health and safety needs of your employees. 

Download this eBook to learn more about how you can use HR technology to build a reliable employee wellbeing strategy that keeps you prepared for a crisis.