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The Business Case for New Tech: An IT Leader’s Guide

Secure the strategic seat at the table IT deserves with this guide to approaching new HR technology investment geared toward IT professionals.

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IT is a key piece of the tech investment puzzle — adapting people needs into software requirements.

Technology has rapidly evolved to keep pace with modern life, but HR and payroll may not be fully of specific functionality they require, or how to build a business case for change. IT leaders have thus become invaluable sources of business insight.


IT can hear the needs and challenges of HR, ops, and more, then convert them into a set of exact software specifications.


Identifying common integrations required by the current tech stack can yield insights for reducing costs and complexities.


IT is a frequently overlooked source of tangible business benefits and return on investment.

This eBook demonstrates how IT professionals have an unmatched opportunity to drive the conversation around digital transformation right now, and ensure your organization finds the right fit.