Servicon Systems Streamlines Employee Management, Enhances Engagement

Using a unified solution is improving productivity and boosting employee engagement.

Servicon Systems employees waited in long lines at client sites to clock in before walking 15 to 20 minutes to their work areas. Learn how UKG Ready™ has increased productivity and enhanced employee engagement by improving human capital management processes.

Using the solution’s mobile app, employees can clock in quickly when they arrive at their assigned work areas at a client site, saving considerable time. Geofencing ensures they are on-site when punching in.

With timekeeping, scheduling, HR, and payroll all in a single, unified solution, Servicon Systems has seen significant benefits:

  • Payroll processing has been cut from 30 hours to 8 hours per pay period
  • Review of employee time spent on client work before invoicing has been cut from 2 days to 45 minutes
  • Real-time data helps managers review employee time to budget and forecast future project costs

Download this case study to learn more about how Servicon Systems is leveraging UKG Ready to improve employee management and engagement.

“[UKG] took the time to understand our business, our people, our challenges, what our work means to our customers, and how their part of that impacts it. And we do the same with our clients. When a partnership really works is when you really understand each other’s business and how you can make it more successful.”

Laurie Sewell
President & CEO

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