Precor Streamlines Workflows with UKG Dimensions and Outlook Add-In

Migration to UKG Dimensions with Outlook Add-In creates more efficient workflows.

To create more efficient workforce management workflows and improve the employee experience, Precor migrated to UKG Dimensions™ and added the Outlook Add-In. Learn in this case study how streamlined workflows are saving time and what employees think of the efficiencies.

As a manufacturer of fitness equipment, Precor is passionate about creating excellent fitness experiences. The company wanted to bring this same passion to delivering efficient workforce management processes that would enhance the experience of employees, from production workers to managers.

Precor’s migration to UKG Dimensions enabled it to combine the Outlook Add-In with the solution, allowing the company to:

  • Provide added functionality that delivers workforce management efficiencies
  • Streamline workflows ― clocking in/out, approving timecards, managing time off ― to generate time and cost savings
  • Create a better user experience that builds engagement of employees at all levels

Download this customer case study to learn more about how Precor is using its integrated UKG Dimensions and Outlook Add-In solutions to make workforce management more efficient.

“When we saw the Outlook Add-In with UKG Dimensions, we really liked it. Employees can use UKG directly from Outlook without having to go to the application, and managers can access and manage tasks, such as time-off requests, more quickly. It’s easy to use and saves our employees time.”

Kim Abel, Payroll and UKG Administrator

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