Oklahoma City Gains Time Savings, Detailed Reports with UKG Dimensions

Automated processes and mobile functionality are improving productivity and engagement.

Using both manual and automated workforce management processes consumed Oklahoma City staff time. Learn how upgrading to UKG Dimensions™ is saving time and increasing productivity, supporting remote work with a mobile app, and providing detailed workforce data reports.

Despite having an automated workforce management solution, Oklahoma City departments continued using some manual processes. If employees didn’t approve their timecards ― and only 60% did ― department payroll staff had to track them down, get their signatures, and scan and upload the timecards.

By upgrading to UKG Dimensions, Oklahoma City is realizing significant time savings and other important benefits:

  • Employee attestation of timecards in the solution has increased the timecard approval rate to nearly 100%
  • Department payroll officers are now saving 450 to 600 hours each week
  • City staff can easily build and schedule reports to gain visibility into real-time labor data
  • Remote access to Dimensions enables staff to track their time and access information from home and in the field

Download this customer story to learn more about how Oklahoma City employees are using UKG Dimensions to streamline processes and easily access data for informed decision making.

“We tried to put humanity back in the data and make sure our employees are really the focus of everything we’re doing.”

Stephen Fuller, Enterprise Program Manager
Oklahoma City

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