Labor Savings Alone Pay for Sprint Mart’s UKG Ready Solution

Paper-based HCM processes hampered Sprint Mart in a tight labor market. See how the UKG Ready™ solutions streamline hiring and onboarding, align scheduling with customer traffic, create payroll efficiencies, and deliver significant time and cost savings.

In the competitive convenience store industry, Sprint Mart tries to differentiate itself with a mission focused on delivering exceptional customer service. The company selected UKG Ready to help it attract and retain employees in support of this mission and realize additional benefits.

Using UKG Ready for human capital management tasks has enabled Sprint Mart to:

  • Hire and get new employees working in stores sooner to provide excellent customer service
  • Improve employee attendance, reducing attendance notations by 60% within five months
  • Decrease payroll processing time from three days to just three hours
  • Better align staffing to customer traffic to quickly create payroll savings that paid for the solution for at least two years

Download this customer story to learn more about how Sprint Mart is using UKG Ready to optimize scheduling, better manage labor costs, and take advantage of paperless HR processes.

“In the first year of using [UKG Ready] Scheduler, we saw an immediate decrease in payroll dollars and hours worked. The scheduling module itself created enough savings to pay for our entire UKG Ready suite for a couple years.”

Chris McKinney, Director of Human Resources
Sprint Mart

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