Komatsu Uses UKG Solution to Improve Operational Performance Worldwide

The global solution provides real-time workforce data that supports informed production decisions.

Komatsu’s decentralized timekeeping and labor collection systems made labor analysis difficult. Learn how Komatsu is using its UKG® solution to gain global workforce data analysis for more informed production decisions that are improving business performance worldwide.

Komatsu, a global leader in mining-productivity solutions, needed a multi-language workforce management solution that could create consistent processes across all its locations around the world. The company is using its UKG solution as the global standard for timekeeping, attendance, and shop floor labor tracking of its hourly employees.

Using the centralized solution, Komatsu is able to:

  • Track the time employees spend working on individual production orders ― by business unit, location, cost center, and work center
  • Compare actual hours to standard hours to support ongoing improvement
  • Access real-time production order reports for daily operational decisions
  • Obtain global performance metrics to compare performance by site to support production decisions

Download this case study to learn more about how Komatsu is using its UKG solution to improve its operational performance around the globe.

“Our goal is to collect actual time and compare it to standards, which leads to more accurate routing and standard costs. This will help increase profitability, because we have a better handle on our cost structure. Ultimately, this enables us to set our selling prices to obtain the margin we need.”
Lynne Schreibel, Global UKG Manager, Komatsu

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