Hydro-Gear Streamlines Recruiting and Open Enrollment with UKG Ready

See how this UKG® HCM cloud solution helps streamline processes and improve employee engagement.

Hydro-Gear found adding staff to meet demand difficult with its previous hiring solution. Learn how deploying the UKG Ready™ human capital management (HCM) solution has improved its hiring and open enrollment and provides self-service tools that boost employee engagement.

Hydro-Gear uses the latest technology in producing hydrostatic transmissions for the lawn and garden industry and wanted an HCM solution that reflects its focus on using cutting-edge technology. The company implemented the UKG Ready cloud solution to reduce time-to-hire, enable employees to complete open enrollment online, and improve the employee experience.

Discover how this UKG solution is helping Hydro-Gear:

  • Track where an applicant is in the hiring process, shorten job requisition-to-hire time, and automate recruiting reports
  • Move open enrollment online so employees can input their selections, improving accuracy and saving HR staff time
  • Provide a better employee experience with self-service tools and a mobile app that gives employees access to their hours, pay statements, and accrued time

Download this customer story to learn more about how Hydro-Gear is leveraging its UKG solution to improve human capital management.

“UKG Ready provides so much more than just efficiency at work. There is a life efficiency benefit to employees by giving them access to the information they need, whether it’s understanding the amount on their paycheck or having benefit information on their phone so they can get that prescription at the pharmacy without any issues.”
Lisa Leslie, Benefit/HRIS Administrator, Hydro-Gear

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