Historic Biltmore Uses UKG Product Suite to Drive HR Innovation

Discover how UKG provides an empowering, engaging, and rewarding employee experience

A UKG customer since 2001, Biltmore migrated from UKG Workforce Central to the cloud-native, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered UKG Dimensions workforce management solution for its mobile-first and advanced scheduling capabilities, and to provide a unified view of its HCM and workforce management operations.

Biltmore is an 8,000-acre U.S. National Historic Landmark located in North Carolina, encompassing Biltmore House, a hotel and inn, winery, gardens, retail shops, and restaurants.

With its UKG HCM solution, the company now has:

  • Visibility into its people and operations needed to make informed business decisions
  • Improved recruiting and onboarding, making it easy for managers to hire, rehire, and onboard employees year-round
  • Timekeeping that ensures managers no longer have to calculate employee overtime manually, leading to improved payroll accuracy

Download this case study to learn more about how Biltmore is using its UKG solution to reduce the time it takes to process payroll by several hours each week.

“With the UKG merger, our systems are connected, and the support we receive is unmatched.”

Kathryn Poslusny, HR systems administrator

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