GN ReSound Increases Efficiencies and Validates Labor Costs with UKG

Discover how its UKG solution is delivering data and insights that improve workforce management.

Learn how automating workforce management processes with a UKG® solution helps GN ReSound measure production efficiencies, validate manufacturing labor costs, determine the most cost-effective production practices, and better manage staffing and overtime.

Before moving to an automated solution, GN ReSound manually tracked the time and attendance of hourly employees on paper timecards, creating opportunities for time misinterpretation and pay issues. Implementing a UKG solution has eliminated these challenges.

This case study explores how GN ReSound, a manufacturer of hearing instruments and diagnostic audiology instrumentation in the U.S., China, and other global locations, is using its UKG solution to:

Download this case study to learn more about how GN ReSound is using its UKG solution to improve its manufacturing workforce management processes.

“We look at this UKG information to ensure we’re meeting our efficiency levels…to see if a particular line made its expected efficiency for the day, week, or month.”
Shawn Timm, Director of Manufacturing, GN ReSound

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