Consumer Services Company Rollins Inc. Uses UKG Pro to Effectively Manage Its Human Capital

Discover how UKG Pro accelerates business growth

Without access to regular, real-time data, managers throughout the organization operated under differing businesses assumptions. Discover how the organization is leveraging UKG Pro to increase visibility into operations, measure employee sentiment, and implement HR best practices.

Rollins is a premiere global consumer and commercial service company, operating through its family of brands. The company selected UKG Pro to facilitate growth, improve strategic decision making, and support its unique business needs.

With its UKG HCM solution, the company now has:

  • A solution that facilitates the company’s acquisition strategy because of the way it can efficiently add new employees to the solution
  • Enabled managers to quickly enter promotions, adjust employee salaries, and change job titles
  • The ability to survey the sentiment of every employee with just a few clicks

Download this case study to learn more about how Rollins is using its UKG solution to transform HR with the use of people analytics.

“UKG Pro facilitates our acquisition strategy because of the way we can efficiently add new employees to the solution, which allows us to accommodate growth without having to grow administrative headcount.”

Eric Sweet, senior manager of HRIS and compensation
Rollins Inc.

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