Billings Clinic Staffs Equitably During COVID-19 and Magnet Journey

See how UKG solutions have supported Billings Clinic during the pandemic and Magnet redesignation.

Learn how UKG™ scheduling and workload management solutions have helped Billings Clinic balance patient assignments based on patient volume and intensity, create equitable workloads, and support nurse self-scheduling during COVID-19 and Magnet® redesignation.

Billings Clinic places a high value on empowering its nurses through self-scheduling and shared decision making. This focus was critical during the pandemic in retaining nurses, maintaining their satisfaction, and delivering quality patient care ― all while Billings Clinic was undergoing the Magnet-redesignation process.

This customer story illustrates the benefits that Billings Clinic has realized with its UKG solutions:

  • Nurses in the self-scheduling units experienced increased engagement, even during difficult and demanding times
  • Workload-based staffing functionality enables equitable staffing assignments that consider patients’ intensity of care needs
  • Even when facing significant staffing challenges during the pandemic, Billings Clinic achieved Magnet redesignation

Download this customer story to learn more about how Billings Clinic is using its UKG solutions to meet the needs of both nurses and patients in a challenging healthcare environment.

“Acuity-based staffing is imperative to meeting our goals and making sure we have the right staff and number of staff for the right types of patients. And we’re able to give nurses a flexible schedule while making sure we have what we need to meet our patient needs.”
Danielle Mahon, Healthcare Informaticist, Billings Clinic

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