ALCAL Industries Uses UKG Pro Compensation to Address Gender Pay Gaps

See how UKG Pro™ analysis tools identify pay disparities and support more equitable compensation.

Using spreadsheets to plan salaries can create pay inequities. Learn how ALCAL Industries uses UKG Pro™ Compensation to identify gender pay disparities, streamline compensation management, and support gender pay equity ― elevating HR’s role in the compensation process.

ALCAL Industries faced challenges in comparing employees’ salary rankings when salary planning was done in spreadsheets. The company wanted to give managers greater insight into their employees’ compensation levels and what was driving salary decisions.

To overcome these challenges, ALCAL Industries implemented UKG Pro Compensation, which is integrated with the UKG Pro Pay Equity report, enabling the company to:

  • Gain clarity about its compensation plan and whether any employees are outside recommended salary ranges
  • Identify pay disparities, even when men and women are in different roles, and make pay adjustments using performance ratings as supporting information
  • Streamline the compensation management process and ensure that compensation is fair and equitable across the workforce

Download this customer story to learn more about how UKG Pro Compensation has helped ALCAL Industries create a more fair and equitable culture for determining compensation.

“HR is no longer viewed as an enforcer of compliance and laws, but rather as a trusted advisor regarding meaningful compensation decisions.”

Courtney Paulsen, HR Analyst, ALCAL Industries

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