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Q3 2023 Constellation Shortlist

Review the Q3 2023 Constellation ShortList™ to learn why UKG was chosen for its workforce management solutions—and the criteria it met to make the list.

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Manage a fluid workforce while meeting the dynamic demands of today’s enterprises.

The Constellation ShortList™ was created to provide technology buyers with a list to guide their digital transformation journey. UKG has been listed on the Constellation ShortList for Q3 2023.

This ShortList delivers strategic guidance to companies seeking to transform their businesses through the early adoption of exponential technologies. Constellation conducts research on these technologies, identifies and validates trends, and empowers companies to succeed in the digital economy.

Read the Q3 2023 ShortList to learn that:

  • As enterprises face longer and more flexible working hours, they need help with tracking time, scheduling attendance, and managing worker attendance
  • Workforce management is complex, with many compliance rules that are often different at the country, state, and city levels
  • Leaders are looking for tools to help their operational managers make better workforce management decisions—and to provide a better experience for employees to accept, swap, trade, and bid for shifts

In addition to the criteria listed above for workforce management suites, Constellation looks at companies who have more than 6,500 customers and more than 2.3 million users on more than four continents—and also offer a mobile version of their suite with at least 800,000+ users.

Download the Q3 2023 Constellation ShortList to learn more about workforce management suites and “the 5 solutions to know”—including UKG—in the category.