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Nucleus Research: More Workers Need On-Demand Pay

New report shows how earned wage access solutions can benefit both employees and employers.

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UKG offers the latest research from Nucleus, showing the results of a new survey of hourly workers on the impact of earned wage access (EWA) solutions, also called on-demand pay, which enable employees to access their accrued wages before their paychecks are issued.

With an increasing number of hourly workers facing financial strain, organizations that prioritize financial wellness initiatives have a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talent. More than 50% of hourly employees surveyed want earned wage access, and it’s clear to see why — these tools can empower workers with more flexibility when it comes to paying bills, while helping them avoids risks like predatory payday loans.

Download the full Report from Nucleus Research now to discover:

  • The many benefits of earned wage access for employees
  • Why EWA may become a baseline expectations for workers in the future
  • Strategic advantages for employers including reduced turnover
  • How solutions like PayActiv make it easy to offer these tools