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NEAT Evaluation for UKG One View Multi-Country Payroll Services

Explore NelsonHall’s NEAT Evaluation of multi-country payroll solutions and their ability to deliver immediate benefits and meet future client needs.

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NEAT Evaluation for UKG One View  Multi-Country Payroll Services

Digitization of the payroll function is continuing as organizations pursue greater efficiencies and ongoing growth. With businesses and employees facing persistent cost pressures, effective and robust payroll management is expected to be a key focus area for decision makers looking to ensure a positive employee experience and gain visibility into payroll costs.

Payroll vendors are increasingly investing in global payroll to support growing client needs. In 2023 UKG acquired Immedis to address the multi-country payroll market segment with UKG One View™, a global payroll offering that can support ~160 countries, 150 currencies, and 20 languages. This report explores how and why NelsonHall has Identified UKG as a leader in multi-country payroll based on its capability to deliver immediate efficiency and compliance benefits, and to meet future client requirements.

This analyst report provides valuable insights into:

  • The overall state of the payroll services market with a focus on multi-country capabilities
  • How UKG One View stacks up against other multi-country payroll products
  • UKG One View capabilities that help manage complexity and drive accurate, compliant payroll
  • Five-year payroll services market outlook and the latest buy-side dynamics

This in-depth report can help strategic sourcing managers streamline multi-country payroll service assessments and guide more informed purchase decisions.