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Elevating the Employee Experience Within Manufacturing

International Data Corporation (IDC) explores strategies for modernizing the manufacturing workforce experience to attract, engage, and retain frontline employees.

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Giving manufacturing employees a voice improves work culture, engagement, and business outcomes. 

When employees retire or leave the business, manufacturers can face critical knowledge and experience gaps. According to IDC, modernizing the work experience with digital tools that give employees a voice can help manufacturers attract, engage, and retain skilled workers. One of UKG’s newest solutions, UKG Talk™, helps solve the business challenge of collaborating effectively with increasingly dispersed teams.

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    Create a work environment where people feel valued and heard.

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    Facilitate peer-to-peer and team collaboration, and build a sense of community and inclusivity.

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    Recognize people at significant moments or after key achievements, and gather ideas and feedback.

of manufacturers are concerned about their ability to attract top talent
of manufacturers face understaffing in their high-skills positions

Focusing on worker experience can help manufacturers improve productivity, safety, communication, and business outcomes. Digital tools can create a more connected, collaborative, and engaging work environment that helps employees — and organizations — thrive.

This analyst report offers strategies for improving the manufacturing employee experience, including use of the UKG Talk™ collaboration and communication platform, to boost engagement and retention.