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Semblex Corporation Drives HCM Improvements, Achieves Overall Business Gains with UKG Pro

  • Delivers immediate, in-depth insight into workforce information

  • Provides soft-cost savings as a result of 24/7 direct access for managers and employees

  • Fosters high adoption rates among employees thanks to an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage interface


Founded in 1968, Semblex Corporation has grown into an expansive organization that provides a broad range of innovative fastening solutions and complex cold-formed specialty components to the worlds' leading manufacturers. Semblex is a key supplier to industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, farm equipment, heavy truck, lawn and garden, motorcycle, and power sports.


Semblex leadership knew it was time for HR to move beyond the limited capabilities of the payroll service bureau it had been using to a more flexible, advanced solution that offers the full scope of human capital management (HCM) functionality and more control over workforce information.

Leadership from all levels at Semblex were involved in selecting the cloud-based UKG Pro® solution as the company’s single system of record for HCM.


“Our president understands the importance of people, and for this reason, he was very active in the selection of our new HCM solution. He’s totally on board with UKG Pro,” said Todd Switzer, Director of Human Resources at Semblex Corporation.

“In many ways, we felt like the payroll service bureau owned our information because we always had to depend on it to handle our reporting," he added. "With Pro, we own our information and the power, flexibility, and control is giving us so many advantages. We’ve really elevated the way we work and the way we are managing our workforce.”

After a quick deployment with Pro, Semblex’s teams began to see immediate business gains as a result of providing 24/7 direct access to employees and managers; having easy-to-use, easily configurable technology; and being able to generate and deliver strategic business intelligence.

For example, Semblex has achieved a wealth of time savings because authorized users — HR/payroll staff, managers, and virtual employees — can complete work events from anywhere. Pro automatically routes changes for approvals through workflow processes for a range of business activities, such as hiring an employee, changing any employee work-related information, conducting performance reviews, monitoring deductions or benefits, approving PTO requests, and more.

“We really like that our employees now have immediate, 24/7 access. It’s amazing how much time it saves us — reducing significant spend on resources and not having to constantly field questions,” said Switzer. “The same time savings and reduced administration applies to supervisors. Pro is helping our managers stay engaged and current with their employees.

“Pro has been so well-received across the organization, and user adoption among our employees and managers is so high that we quickly achieved cost benefits because we eliminated our heavy reliance on manual, paper-based processes,” said Switzer. “Plus, as more of Pro’s features are adopted by our employees, our business will see additional hard- and soft-cost savings.”

“The levels of control, speed, and accuracy are big wins for our business. We have a tremendous amount of information that can be made available to executives, managers, and HR teams for strategic analysis and decision-making.”

Todd Switzer

Director of Human Resources


The UKG Pro solution’s easy-to-use, person-centric interface is supporting employees as well as providing HR and payroll teams with instant access to real-time, strategic workforce analytics.

“With our previous system, we had to call or go to somebody to try to get reports done for us,” noted Switzer. “Now, because Pro is so easy to use, we can get what we need and have it delivered to internal teams very quickly. The levels of control, speed, and accuracy are big wins for our business. We have a tremendous amount of information that can be made available to executives, managers, and HR teams for strategic analysis and decision-making.”

Switzer also credits his relationships with the people at UKG as an unexpected, added advantage to the company.

“With UKG, we’re part of a family. From the sales process all the way to our customer service person, we are working together as a partnership," he said. “Our UKG relationships make our work much easier and give us confidence that we’re achieving maximum business value with our HCM solution.”

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