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John B. Sanfilippo & Son Enhances Employee Experience and Decision Making with UKG Pro Workforce Management

  • Provides a single, cloud-based system that can be accessed from anywhere and that streamlines workforce management tasks

  • Offers mobile functionality to create a positive experience for employees through anytime, anywhere self-service access to their information

  • Delivers access to real-time workforce data for more informed decision making


John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc. processes and packages private label and its own brand of nuts and snack mixes for global distribution. The company employs 1,500 people at its headquarters outside Chicago and at four regional processing facilities.


To manage its workforce, the company had been using an on-premise UKG® solution for decades for timekeeping and utilized multiple HR and payroll systems, which limited access to real-time workforce data. Employees also had no timely access to their employment information. Managers logged in through the network to approve timecards, with many coming in early or staying late to do this because it took them off the production floor. Paper-based HR and third-party payroll processes were cumbersome and time consuming, as was manually entering paper-based time-off requests. An enormous amount of time was dedicated to creating reports for cross-departmental use, including HR staff spending six hours weekly creating reports for departments and managers.


John B. Sanfilippo & Son migrated from its UKG Workforce Central® solution to UKG Pro Workforce Management™, formerly known as UKG Dimensions®, to streamline processes, provide plant floor supervisors with access to real-time information, and deliver a better employee experience through mobile access and employee self-service.

“I love the system. What I get out of UKG Pro Workforce Management is everything I was looking for, and our entire executive team for the first time has access to real-time information.”

Julia Pronitcheva

VP Human Resources
John B. Sanfilippo & Sons


Migrating to UKG Pro Workforce Management has enabled completely paperless human capital management, delivering efficiencies and access to real-time data and reporting for all departments.

“From a visibility and control standpoint, the solution saves me lots of time and headaches,” says Julia Pronitcheva, VP Human Resources. “UKG Pro Workforce Management is a lifesaver because I don’t need to track down what’s happening. In one spot I can see how well we’re doing. It makes it so much easier to access the data and control it from anywhere.”

With all workforce information in a single source, she estimates that her department has seen a 50% reduction in time spent running reports each week.

Supervisors and managers at every level now have access to real-time information and reporting for fast, informed decisions. Using the mobile app, they can see solution dataviews, giving them a single source for a wealth of workforce and operations information.

Frontline managers use the mobile app to review report data, view and approve employee timecards, and manage time-off requests from anywhere, saving them significant time.

All employees are enjoying a better employee experience with mobile self-service access ― from anywhere ― to their timecard, accrual, and paycheck information. Hourly employees working remotely during the pandemic input their time on their mobile devices, ensuring accurate timekeeping and streamlined payroll processing. Hourly employees also use the mobile app to request time off, giving them control over this task and freeing up managers from entering employee time off ― a time savings for managers.

With managers using the mobile app to respond quickly to time-off requests, employees can better plan their lives away from work. Managers also receive reminders in the app about employee service anniversaries and birthdays so they can acknowledge these milestones, an action that employees appreciate.

“UKG Pro Workforce Management has changed how we connect with employees,” says Pronitcheva, emphasizing the value this fourth generation, family-run company places on its dedicated, hard-working employees.

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