UKG Pro Workforce Management – Time & Attendance

Improve payroll accuracy and minimize costly overtime

Tracking time has gone beyond simply clocking in and out. See how UKG Pro Workforce Management™ (formerly known as UKG Dimensions®) changes the experience for your people and business. 

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All that’s included

Track employee time, attendance, and activity while gathering data to enforce work and pay rules — and easily manage exceptions for ongoing compliance and cost control.

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Simplified timekeeping

Track time and attendance for all of your hourly and salaried employees on a flexible platform.

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Proactive absence management

Gain visibility into absence trends such as planned, incidental, or extended employee absence to better understand the impact it has on your organization.

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Trackable job-costing

Improve operational performance with real-time insights into productivity across different jobs and activities.

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Reimagined time clock

Clock in and out on the InTouch DX™, built for the modern workforce inspired by the technology used in our lives every day.

Carlie C's IGA

“[UKG Pro Workforce Management] helps with day-to-day business because you can see that you've already used this many hours and you've been allotted only this many hours — so you need to cut some hours. I can also pull hours by location and compare that to sales and quickly see our wages for the week in each location.”

Hannah Boren
Labor Analyst | Carlie C's IGA
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Built specifically to reduce payroll errors for hourly employees, UKG Pro Timekeeping Hourly (formerly UKG Dimensions Timekeeping Hourly) has the tools your organization needs to contain costs and remain compliant.

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UKG provides a simple and intuitive user experience access their project timecards, along with the ability to report time out of office, and manage any notifications right from their home screens.

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