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Some Former Restaurant Workers are Finding New Careers in Other Kitchens

Marketplace | “Health care and hospitality — there’s plenty of jobs available, but boy, they’re really tough jobs to do,” said Dave Gilbertson, who tracks the U.S. workforce at payroll-processor UKG, which is a Marketplace underwriter.
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Take it from an Expert: Listening is the Best Tool to have in Your DEI Arsenal

Employee Benefits News | The DEI acronym has grown to include the concept of belonging, and it seems employers and leaders have their work cut out for them. Brian Reaves, chief belonging, diversity and equity officer at UKG, says that to not be heard is to not be valued.
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Goods that Haven't Left China yet Won't Be Here in Time for the Holidays

Business Insider | A recent survey from UKG, a workforce-management group, found that about 85% of retailers expect supply-chain disruptions to affect customers.
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We Need to Allow Everyone to Work Differently — Including Frontline Workers

Forbes | The Great Resignation and ensuing labor shortage have caused business leaders to realize — some for the first time — the need to invest in frontline workers and technology that better accommodates their evolving needs. To recruit and retain trained talent, leaders need to embrace new ways of working for everyone.
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Retailers Expect to Disappoint Holiday Customers, Study Finds

Bloomberg | Retailers are trying to maintain a cheery outlook despite looming pressures on the upcoming holiday season, including worker shortages and supply-chain disruptions, according to a new report. Three out of four U.S. retailers said shoppers expect more from stores than they can deliver due to the labor squeeze, according to the survey by workforce-management specialist UKG.
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The Value of Intermittent Productivity in Creating a Resilient Workforce

Forbes | The pandemic and the massive shift to remote work have forced an evolution in where, when and how employees work. Organizations have had to embrace new ways of working, including more flexible work dynamics that bridge the gap between work and life.
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