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The Workforce Institute is a think tank that curates ideas, strategies, and best practices on how to create great workplace experiences in a way that positively impacts lives, communities, and business outcomes.

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Managers Impact Our Mental Health More Than Doctors, Therapists — and Same as Spouses

LOWELL, Mass., and WESTON, Fla. | Is your manager stressing you out, or do they have a positive impact on your mental health? The Workforce Institute at UKG surveyed 3,400 people across 10 countries to spotlight the critical role our jobs, leadership, and, most of all, our managers play in supporting mental health in and outside of work.
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“Long COVID” Grips the Workplace: 2023 Predictions

LOWELL, Mass., and WESTON, Fla. | The Workforce Institute at UKG today released its annual list of Workplace Predictions, forecasting the top trends that will impact the workforce in 2023.
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Labor Market Shows Signs of Weakness Entering 2023, UKG Data Reveals

LOWELL, Mass., and WESTON, Fla. | The UKG Workforce Activity Report for December 2022 shows the total number of shifts worked1 by people at U.S. businesses fell 2.9% from the prior month, the first significant decline since the omicron-fueled January 2022 reading (-5.1%) and the largest mid-December decline in at least four years.2
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UKG Survey: Parents Are Telling the Next Generation to Pursue Purpose, Not Money, for Their Careers

LOWELL, Mass., and WESTON, Fla. | Feelings about work today could have a profound impact on the decisions made by tomorrow’s workforce, according to a 10-country survey of employees, C-level leaders, and HR professionals by The Workforce Institute at UKG.
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2023 Megatrends from UKG: Navigating the Human Energy Crisis; Optimizing Organizational Plasticity; and the Gen X Effect

LOWELL, Mass., and WESTON, Fla. | UKG today announced its 2023 HR Megatrends that will emerge in the year ahead.
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Longer Lines, Less Help on Black Friday? It Wasn’t Your Imagination, Finds UKG

LOWELL, Mass., and WESTON, Fla. | An analysis of high-frequency shift work data from UKG shows the total number of shifts worked in the retail sector on Black Friday 2022 declined 5%, compared with 2021. The decline mirrors predictions leading up to the shopping holiday, which indicated that inflation, coupled with continued growth in online commerce, would prompt traditional brick-and-mortar retailers to temper staffing amid shoppers’ changing preferences.
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