Most SysAdmins Can Do These 5 Things in Their Sleep


SysAdmins are like the playmakers of software — the team captains. Everyday users of the software are looking to you to get the right permissions, answer their questions, help them solve issues, etc. You’re the one ensuring everything runs smoothly and making everyone look good! So it goes without saying that you’re busy. Not to mention you’re probably the administrator for other applications in addition to UKG Workforce Central. 

The goal of this article is to share a few links to resources that will make your life easier. Soon you’ll be doing these tasks in your sleep like all the other great UKG Workforce Central administrators before you.

Note: Register for UKG Kronos Community if you haven’t already! You’ll need to be logged in to Community to access many of the links in this article



1. Configure function access profiles

As an administrator, you’re likely in charge of (or on a team that oversees) user permissions for the UKG Workforce Central application. You can provide employees with the access they need using function access profiles. Function access profiles determine which UKG Workforce Central features are available to which end-users. In other words, the permission controls associated with each access profile regulate what people can and cannot do in the system. Make sure you know how to configure a function access profile.

2. Manage failed logon attempts

If only you had a dollar for each occasion an employee is locked out of their account and you must save the day! But in all seriousness, the purpose behind the account lockout is an important one. Keeping your organization’s information safe and secure is critical, and that’s why the account lockout function exists. To learn about setting account lockouts, customizing lockout messages, manually unlocking locked accounts, and more, go to UKG Workforce Central Online Help. Under Contents, select How Do I… and look for Manage Failed Logon Attempts.

3. Set alerts and notifications

You’ll also need to learn the ropes on alerts and notifications. These are significant informational or time-sensitive messages your system sends to keep you in the loop. There are workflow notifications (which inform users of specific system events via email, Navigator, mobile, and other methods) and security audit notifications (which notify administrators when security-related events occur). Go to UKG Workforce Central Online Help and select Alerts and Notifications to get configuration tips. You can even configure alerts to be sent via social networks like Twitter! Cover all your bases. 

4. Download service packs and releases 

There is a primary list of all UKG Workforce Central documentation and downloads in UKG Kronos Community. The list gives you all the details you need about how to get service packs for your product, how to download service pack release notes, how to download legislative updates, etc. You can access much of the content in Community without logging in, but you’ll need to log in to check out how to download service packs and releases

5. Open a support case with UKG Support

We know that admins are, by nature, very self-sufficient — but if there comes a time when you need help troubleshooting or need assistance with your back-end configuration, you can always lean on our Global Support team. They are easily accessible through UKG Kronos Community. Review step-by-step instructions for opening a case.


For more helpful resources, download the Starter Checklist for a New UKG Workforce Central Administrator. You’ll be off and running in no time.