What is Payroll Software?

Payroll Software

Payroll software is an application used to manage, organize and automate the employee payment. The software tracks all payments and maintains all payment records. Payroll software varies in price and features and can be used by small business as well as large corporations.

Effective payroll software will allow management to monitor time and attendance, tax information and pay structure. The software will integrate easily into existing company procedures.

Payroll software is created by third party human resources technology companies that aims to enhance the operations of businesses that utilize their software.

Why Use Payroll Software?

Your employees work hard for you and for your customers. Let’s face it: your people keep your business running.

Of course, you want to pay your people their deserved wages, and you want to pay them on a consistent basis. But managing your workforce’s compensation isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes it can be downright complicated.

That’s why many companies rely on payroll software, an on-premises or cloud-based system that helps ensure proper processing and payment of company payroll without problems. If you’re still completing your payroll by hand and/or on paper, you’re keeping yourself open to making costly mistakes. Investing in payroll software can save you time, stress, and, yes, even money.


UKG Pro™ is a flexible and functional cloud-based solution for managing your people’s pay. The comprehensive software is designed to handle complex payroll with efficiency. There’s even a Smart Tax Search tool to help simplify U.S. and Canadian tax codes depending on where staff members work and live.

UKG Pro also empowers your people with features such as direct access to payroll information, so they can check their pay stubs at any time, on the go, via smartphones and tablets. Employees can also use a paycheck calculator to anticipate take-home pay after taxes and deductions for benefits, 401(k), and other expenses.

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