Global Payroll

UKG Global Payroll

Streamline your global pay practices

Solving the Multi-Country Payroll Puzzle
Transform your multi-country payroll process with a single, uniform payroll foundation that supports local expertise and global operations.
No matter the complexity or location of your operations, UKG can help you meet in-country compliance requirements.

Why UKG for Global Payroll?

Simplify complex regulatory requirements, reconcile global pay contracts and service-level agreements, and improve the end-to-end employee experience — wherever your people are located.

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Gain a holistic view of everything from multinational workforce management, payroll, and tax to funding in a single global payroll experience. Apply in-country payroll expertise locally while also operating globally.



Create one operational standard for global HR and payroll. Increase efficiencies and access state/provincial, national, regional, and multi-country payroll information in a single place.

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Get value faster with minimal disruption. Plus, regardless of payroll execution method, you benefit from a uniform view, perpetual validation process, and optional funding capabilities.

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No matter where your people work, they all get the same, easy-to-use mobile experience that supports more than 20 languages. Provide better support and inspire confidence with access to globally compliant pay slips.

Global Pay in Action

Navigate complex global payroll challenges with UKG One View

Deliver accurate and compliant paychecks to your people – wherever they’re located – with access to the right tools and experts to support the expansion of your global payroll footprint. ​

Global insight

Localized support for your people

Kelly feels genuinely supported by her company when she sees her historical pay statements are already in her native language and local currency.

Secure integration

Provide one single experience across all your people​

Jenny’s job as payroll administrator just got easier with global payroll integration that provides one global view to support all her people.​

Localized data

Support local requirements for your people​

Ann’s local payroll rules have changed. She quickly updates necessary bank-related fields and details, including local currency. ​

UKG One View
Achieve one, uniform view of your Multi-Country Payroll ​

Transform your global payroll experience with UKG One View™. This transformative, new solution for multi-country payroll will simplify the complexity of how you pay your people- wherever they work- and change the way they do business. Manage complexity and achieve accurate, compliant payroll across 160+ countries in a single experience.​

UKG Pro Suite

Powerful HCM for every life-work journey

From robust payroll and talent to HR service delivery, and everything in between, UKG Pro® is the powerful HCM suite you need to drive truly people-focused results.

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