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Rolling Out UKG Solutions Globally

Best practices for common challenges.
Rolling Out UKG Solutions Globally

Expanding your UKG® solution globally can present unique challenges. Gain insight from leading UKG customers on this process as well as helpful best practices that can provide guidance as your organization prepares to conduct business in new regions and countries.

As U.S.-based companies plan to expand their operations to locations around the globe, they should consider a range of potential issues as they expand use of their technology solutions too. This white paper explores what UKG customers have learned as they have navigated through this process.

Based on their experience in bringing their UKG technology solutions to other countries, our customers suggest that companies can benefit from these best practices:

  • Move beyond a U.S. point of view
  • Identify stakeholders and solution champions
  • Consider language and culture
  • Understand the General Data Protection Regulation
  • Involve the European Works Council

Download this white paper to learn more about the challenges and best practices to consider when expanding your organization ― and use of your UKG solution ― globally.

“Park your North American mindset. These countries have their own way of keeping time and their own way of paying people. It’s neither better or worse than what the U.S. does; it is just different. You just need to take a breath, be objective, and not compare it to what we are doing.”
Sean Bradley, Senior Director of IT, Sitel Group®