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Q&A with the Experts: Using Technology to Manage Your K-12 Workforce

Tracking employee time during a forced school closure can be challenging. Learn from K-12 leaders and industry experts in highlights from Using Technology to Manage Your K-12 Workforce how schools can capture time and ensure compliance.

Discover during this enlightening Q&A with the Experts how a school district used its UKG™ (Ultimate Kronos Group) solution to successfully transition to employees working remotely.

Q&A with the Experts: Using Technology to Manage Your K-12 Workforce

Rob Tibbs, K-12 industry consultant at UKG, talks with Lani Munguia, business manager at Ector County Independent School District, and Julie Develin, senior HCM strategic advisor at UKG, about how:

  • Ector County ISD leveraged UKG solution tools and trained staff for remote work
  • School districts can create an effective change management strategy to adapt to any change
  • Organizations can utilize employee engagement best practices to become an employer of choice

Download this informative piece to learn more about the tools that school districts can use to adapt during a school closure and other times of change.

“Employees were able to speak with staff members via video call, and we provided remote assistance for computer and other issues. We wanted employees to feel at ease with the new process and working conditions.”

Lani Munguia
Business Manager
Ector County Independent School District