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Payroll: Making the Case for Change

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Payroll:  Making the Case for Change

Build a case for a single payroll solution that aligns with your critical business objectives.  

To create a compelling business case for a modern payroll system, you need to identify the cost savings, productivity gains, and employee engagement benefits. Understanding five key payroll areas can help you build a successful case with leadership. 

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Updates payroll in real time and supports payroll checklists and workflows. 

Control Costs


Gives employees access to their payroll data with self-service tools, improving efficiencies and engagement. 

Compliance Superstar


Minimizes compliance risk and potential legal issues, fines, and penalties related to payroll. 

Read the white paper to learn more about these key areas to discuss in your business case

  • Payroll errors: Identify how modern payroll technology can reduce errors

  • Payroll productivity: Evaluate how a new solution can reduce hard costs and soft costs 

  • Employee self-service: Determine the time payroll staff spends on manual tasks that could be reduced with self-service tools 

  • Current payroll processing costs: Calculate the total cost, from software and hardware to IT support and more 

  • Compliance risk: Changing legislation and regulations can expose payroll to the risk of noncompliance 

In building your business case, you should answer a key question: What value will a new payroll solution provide that the existing system doesn’t? Use the chart showing how payroll technology improvements align with specific benefits to guide you in illustrating the value of a new solution. 

Download the white paper to learn more about how you can develop a convincing case for investing in modern HR and payroll technology.