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15 Ways to Wow Your New Hire

Learn how to make a strong first impression on your incoming employees.

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UKG shares 15 ways to craft an effective and pleasant onboarding experience that impresses your new hires and simplifies their transition to your organization. Read our 15 Ways to Wow Your New Hire white paper to learn how to spur engagement from the get-go.

Employee engagement is tied to retention, productivity, and profits. Yet less than 40% of all employees consider themselves engaged at work. Learn how to wow your employees as soon as their onboarding process begins to encourage employee engagement and reduce turnover rates.

Discover how 15 new hire best practices can help turn new hires into passionate, productive team players. From onboarding to employee performance management, this guide can help you amaze new employees even before day one.

Download the white paper to learn more about these proactive steps, including:

  • Introducing new technology up front
  • Creating an onboarding schedule
  • Assigning a mentor or guide