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Untitled (Why Leadership Is More Than a Job Title)

In this candid conversation, Pat Wadors and Johnny C. Taylor Jr. explore how anyone can have an impact on the workplace and the world, leadership title or not.

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The art of leadership is more of a blank canvas than a paint-by-numbers

Assertive. Powerful. Decisive. A “C” title after your name. These are the traits we have often associated with the term leadership. But as our world changes, the most successful leaders are the ones who embrace their imperfections, prioritize empathy, and show up as they are — no matter where they sit on the org chart. 

Just look to Pat Wadors, Chief People Officer, UKG, and Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., President and CEO, SHRM. They began their careers with a vision of not just the title they wanted to earn, but the impact they wanted to have.

In this candid conversation, they discuss what it really means to lead with empathy, the need to keep your own cup full in the pursuit of inclusivity, and how, despite the positions they hold now, they’re still learning and unlearning.

Find out how to be true to yourself and inspire others on the leadership journey by drawing on your unique experiences, values, and vision — like a true artist.