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Rated G: Becoming Great for All™

What does it really take to create an inclusive culture? Tune in for an honest discussion about equity in the workplace between executives at Great Place to Work and UKG.

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Michael Bush and Brian Reaves

Why do some

companies thrive while

others flatline?

 Here’s what they don’t tell you in business school — no matter how well-crafted your strategy is, there’s simply no substitute for a great culture. But it can’t be great for only some. Or even the majority. It must be great For All TM.

The proof is in the data. Research shows that companies with diverse and inclusive cultures outperformed the stock performance of less inclusive companies by 400% during the Great Recession. What are they doing differently from the rest?

We’re pulling back the curtain and looking at what it takes to create exceptional experiences for everyone.

Watch Michael C. Bush, CEO, Great Place to Work, and Brian K. Reaves, Chief Belonging, Diversity, and Equity Officer, UKG, as they come together for an honest, no-holds-barred discussion about equity in the workplace.

Listen as they get to the heart of why some companies succeed at creating inclusive cultures, why some fail, and why some aren’t taking the leap at all.

It’s time to have the conversation that others won’t.