Pay Equity: Advancing & Retaining Women in the Workplace

Webinar Replay

Despite decades of progress, women are still paid significantly less than men—and it’s even worse for women of color.

Meanwhile, the pandemic created countless new challenges for working women and worsened many pre-existing ones, including the gender pay gap. With talent on the move and millions of women leaving the workforce altogether, organizations must approach talent and compensation practices in a new and evolved way while addressing the countless barriers undercutting leadership, growth, and salary potential.

Led by Karina Monesson, Sr. Manager of Human Insights Research at UKG, and Erika Sandoval, Partner for the Strategic Advisory Group at UKG, this session reviews research findings and explores how organizations can achieve pay equity, advance women in the workplace, and drive meaningful change. 

Learning Objectives:   

  1. Explore the current landscape and future implications for women in the workplace  
  2. Understand barriers and biases faced by women and learn tangible strategies to support their career development 
  3. Uncover the role that technology plays in reaching and advancing women in the workplace

Watch the webinar replay to learn about evolving strategies for attracting, hiring, and retaining women in the workforce while ensuring equitable pay and opportunity.  

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