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UKG Talk Product Profile

Discover how our collaboration and communication platform can transform engagement into an inclusive employee experience.

UKG Talk Product Profile

Build a culture of belonging with a solution that helps communicate, connect, and give your people a voice

According to a recent Gartner survey, the need for collaboration and communication tools has grown approximately 44%* from 2019, with employees shifting from traditional on-premise roles to frontline, hybrid, or remote roles.

Without a connection and a sense of belonging, your employee can start to feel disconnected from the company leading unhappiness and increased turnover. Keeping employees engaged and feeling like they belong can be a challenge without help from right solution to deliver an employee experience that goes beyond employee engagement.

Learn how UKG Talk can help you:

  • Connect and communicate with your people in multiple ways, such as company-wide announcements, direct messaging, or group chats between teams.
  • Create employee groups based on shared common interests, hobbies, and teams to bring people closer together.
  • Understand communication insights and trends with key metrics that help you measure the impact and engagement of your communications based on effectiveness, trending content, and top contributors.

UKG Talk helps organizations connect with their employees in a variety of ways that work for them. With a robust set of features designed to engage employees and deliver insights you can take action on, you can continue driving a better culture through flexible communications today.