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UKG Ready Recruiting

Built to help you balance finding qualified applicants and standing out with your employer brand with cost-to-hire and time-to-hire goals, UKG Ready Recruiting® gives you all you need to continuously improve and build an inclusive and purpose-driven culture.

Learn the many ways UKG Ready Recruiting can accelerate your talent pipeline, attract the best people for your organization, and highlight what makes your organization unique.

UKG Ready Recruiting

Using streamlined, intuitive, and automated talent processes, Recruiting gives you the power to:

  • Craft an inviting candidate experience that makes it easy to apply on any device and fully reflects your organization’s brand and culture
  • Keep pace with candidates at different stages within your recruiting pipeline and continuously improve processes with intuitive talent analytics
  • Transition applicants seamlessly into your onboarding processes when you hire them and flow their information into a new employee record with the click of a button

Read this product profile to get all the details on how Recruiting can help you bring in the talent that will set your organization up for success.