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UKG Ready for Healthcare: Meeting Unprecedented Change with People-First Innovation

UKG Ready for Healthcare HR software helps build robust, sustainable workforces while increasing efficiency, controlling costs, and ensuring patient-first care.

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The healthcare industry is experiencing rapid transformation as it strives to keep up with today’s technological advancements, demographic changes, and evolving patient needs. The healthcare workforce, which had already been facing serious shortages, declined in record numbers in the aftermath of the pandemic. In order to keep offering the best patient care possible, leaders need to become more innovative in how they attract and retain workers to meet these growing challenges.

UKG Ready®, our all-in-one HR, payroll, talent, and time software solution for smaller teams, can help your organization build the robust, sustainable workforce you need to meet these urgent needs while increasing efficiency, minimizing costs, and engaging your employees for higher levels of consistent, patient-first care.

Among its benefits, Ready can help your healthcare organization:

  • Manage your people processes with built-in analytics, AI insights, and personalized experiences
  • Attract and retain critically needed talent more effectively and onboard new hires faster
  • Deliver safe, quality care by generating accurate, best-fit schedules for nurses and caregivers
  • Empower employees with mobile access and self-service options for managing their own schedules 

Download this product profile to learn how UKG Ready for Healthcare can help you attract and retain the talent you need to deliver the highest levels of patient care.