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UKG Ready Cobra Administration Services

Administrating COBRA benefits is both complex and time-consuming given the multiple time frames that need to be adhered to, endless notice requirements, and the management of payments for COBRA participants. If all details are not executed properly, it can mean hefty fines for noncompliance. UKG’s team of seasoned experts can aid you in meeting these demands while helping you stay compliant and providing full transparency into the process. This help would mean you and your team could regain valuable time to focus on your people and more important areas that will move your business forward.

Eliminate Administrative Hassles 
Quickly and easily approve any detected qualified events in just two clicks to allow us to kick off and manage the COBRA administration process for you.

Stay Compliant
Our seasoned experts monitor federal regulations to assist you in staying compliant.

Focus on What Matters Most
Let us handle your COBRA administration needs so you can focus your time on what matters most ― your people.