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UKG Ready Attestation

Help your employees flexibly keep pace with regulatory requirements with UKG Ready® Attestation, seamlessly weaving ongoing compliance into your time and attendance processes and gathering the responses you need from employees.

UKG Ready Attestation

Discover the ways UKG Ready Attestation helps you capture accurate employee responses to critical compliance questions in real time on the devices they use most and take automatic action based on their answers.

Attestation gives your organization the ability to:

  • Simplify compliance processes through automated notifications and reminders in sync with employee shifts
  • Flexibly adapt to attestation regulations and improve how you enforce wage and hour policies
  • Proactively spot trends and manage exceptions before they become issues

Read our Attestation product profile to understand all the ways UKG Ready helps you ease regulatory burdens and reduce compliance risk for your organization and your people.

“The [UKG] dynamic reporting has significantly reduced our process towards more accurate time and attendance data collection.”

Kim Holekamp, Senior HRIS Analyst
American Fidelity Assurance