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UKG Pro Pay

Running payroll may be the most important business process for every company. Employees want their paychecks to be accurate and on time, and HR and payroll professionals want a fast, simplified process. UKG Pro™ Pay offers the flexibility and control to run payroll how you want and in a way that suits the needs of your organization.

Integrated Payroll Services Increased Revenue 20%
  • Easily Process Payroll - Easily process hundreds of payroll computations in U.S. and Canadian dollars, with no need for side calculations or expensive programming—including managing average pay rates for overtime calculations, shift premiums, and more.
  • View Real-Time Metrics -  UKG Pro’s powerful reporting and analytics help you stay one step ahead of business needs. View real-time metrics with convenient dashboards, evaluate reports and take action, and receive alerts for critical events, such as when overtime thresholds are approaching.
  • Offer Instant Access - UKG Pro offers employees the access they need to truly understand their pay, including a direct link to their paycheck details, pay history, W-4s, and tax-withholding information. Employees can access their pay information at any time, including on mobile devices.