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UKG Pro Absence

Often times organizations are unaware of just how much they’re really paying for absenteeism. Find out how UKG Pro® Absence (formerly UKG Dimensions® Absence) is changing the game by helping to improve productivity and prevent burnout by automating the administration and enforcement of leave policies.

UKG Absence

UKG Pro Absence is built to manage:

  • Leave: Standardized processes such as requesting a leave of absence, checking eligibility, generating documentation, sending notification reminders, and following up.
  • Attendance: Automate your attendance policies, both complex and simple.
  • Accruals: Allow employees take their earned time off and help to better understand their organization’s leave liability.

Download this product profile to get all the details on what UKG Pro Absence has to offer to help automate processes and to give your people the time they need to keep your organization operating efficiently.