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UKG for Healthcare Solution Guide

UKG for Healthcare provides a comprehensive workforce solution that can help you align caregivers to patient census and workload, locations, and resources across the continuum of care — maximizing productivity, maintaining positive employee morale, and ensuring consistent, patient-first care.

UKG for Healthcare: In times of uncertainty, your people plan is the key to stability and success

Labor, which accounts for about 60 percent of your overall operating costs1, is your most controllable expenditure. Organizations are challenged to increase productivity and reduce costs by minimizing supplemental labor expenses and payroll inflation. But without visibility into your workforce, controlling labor costs is easier said than done.

By managing employees more effectively and nurturing employee satisfaction and retention, your healthcare organization will be in a better position to provide the quality, value-based care patients count on — while protecting your budget.

Download this solution guide to learn how UKG™ workforce management solutions help providers control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity while supporting quality patient care with a quality workforce.

1 American Hospital Association, The Cost of Caring, (2017), at 2.