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Supporting Compliance with DCAA Audit Requirements

Earning a government contract requires meeting Defense Contract Audit Agency requirements. Learn how UKG Autotime™ helps with DCAA audits.

DCAA audits are focused on evaluating the activities that impact government contract costs, the quality of a contractor's financial policies, and how to reduce or avoid costs. The consequences of failing a DCAA audit can be serious. The UKG AutoTime solution helps government contractors maintain DCAA compliance.

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Supporting Compliance with DCAA Audit Requirements

In support of meeting DCAA audit requirements, UKG AutoTime:

  • Reconciles payroll time and labor in real time
  • Provides detailed audit trails that show when records are updated and by whom
  • Supports prior-period adjustments with a full audit trail
  • Includes added functionality for labor distribution and costing
  • Enables labor tracking of all employees, even temporary workers, to reduce labor expense misreporting
  • Is configurable for specific labor rules and policies and has varying security levels
  • Provides additional functionality to meet audit requirements

Download this datasheet to learn more about how UKG AutoTime can help with DCAA audits.