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Personnel Activity Reporting for K-12 Datasheet

K-12 schools receiving federal funds must record employee time devoted to each program. Learn how UKG™ Time for School, powered by UKG Ready™, creates audit-ready federal reports, automatically verifying the percentage of time spent daily on an activity.

Requirements in the OMB Circular A-87 outline how school employees paid to work on federally funded programs and activities must indicate the amount of time they spend working on a program. Those working on multiple federal programs must complete monthly Personnel Activity Reports (PARs).

Personnel Activity Reporting for K-12 Datasheet

Discover how UKG Time for School makes this process easier by helping K-12 schools:

  • Efficiently track hours and percentages of time worked by cost objective
  • Streamline time and effort reporting with electronic attestation by employees and supervisors
  • Create audit reports that verify information and support compliance

Download this informative piece to learn more about this solution and see an example of how it streamlines personnel activity reporting.