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Managing 9/80 Schedules with UKG AutoTime Datasheet

Accurately tracking time of employees working a 9/80 or alternative work schedule is vital for FLSA compliance. UKG AutoTime™ handles this easily.

When employees are working an alternative or compressed schedule of eight 9-hour days during a two-week period, tracking this time correctly to prevent overtime from being attributed to week one and being compliant with the Department of Labor's Fair Labor Standards Act is an important consideration for organizations with these schedules.

Managing 9/80 Schedules with UKG AutoTime Datasheet

Using UKG AutoTime to track 9/80 schedules provides a range of helpful functionality that supports compliance:

  • 9/80 feature is configured by schedules, not by pay rules
  • Extra work time is accounted for based on the schedule
  • Vacation and holiday time that fall on a split day is allocated correctly
  • Time is classified accurately to meet Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) audit requirements
  • Employees can see the split day of a 9/80 schedule in their timecard view
  • Half of a split day can be signed and locked for payroll, leaving the other half unlocked

Download this informative piece to see illustrations of how UKG AutoTime allocates time for 9/80 schedules for multiple scenarios.